Chapter 2

The priests told them about a legend.
In a time long past, Ra had ruled over Osirion herself. When she found that time had come at an end, she devised a test. The first person who managed to complete this test successfully would be the right king for Osirion.

Finding the location for this test would be the first stage, but they managesd to do that. Next was the ritual for unlocking it. It took some time, but they managed to do that as well. And then came the test of rulership. This involved a test in different stages, testing a candidate in fields like diplomacy, capacity to delegate, quick thinking and capacity to act under stress.

They managed pass this test and returned to the city. Once there the priests accepted Sanura as rightful heir to the throne. They also gaved the party some more information; a mix of legend and possible profecy.
They told them about a time long gone when Vag-Vara’Nash usurped the throne of Osirion. He was a powerful spell caster who managed to conquer a large empire with strange followers. He was defeated because he spent too much of his time searching for three artifacts which would have rendered him unstoppable.

  • the Sceptre ‘’Fading Light’’ , said to hold the power of a star
  • ’’the mummified hand of Amkhuthoten’’; the most powerful sorcerer of his age
  • ‘’the Black Scroll of Ûhm’’ ; said to hold the knowledge of the fabric of creation

The party learned that these items are thought to be hidden in Numeria; and they made plans to travel there.

In the mean time someone found the entrance into what looked like an artificial mountain or weathered pyramid. Inside they found an android, some decayed skeletons, and a strange device. The experimented with the device and found out they could look at places far away, even other planets and such; but in a time long past.
They also found out this device somehow had turned on the strange collars some of them wear and can’t take off. This somehow turned them into a helmet they can now summon. And Sefu learned to use another ability.

Next they made for the coast. On their way in the desert they happened upon a dig site. An army of slaves was uncovering a pyramid. They also found someone spying on this site, who revealed herself as an agent of the Pathfinder Society. She told them she suspected this was the Pactstone pyramid. This is thought to hold the artifact which was used to seal the pact between the Pharaohs of Ascencion. The person in charge of the dig thinks she can use this to change the pact and bring back three of these pharaohs.

Chapter 2

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