Chapter 1

The party all lived in Sothis, capital of Anciet Osirion,and they’re of different orrigins.

First the reigning king died a violent death while performing a ritual during a solar eclipse. Apparently this eclipse was foretold in an ancient prophecy which had been kept a secret.
Later the crownprince was killed when magic was used to blow up his palace.
They suspect a foreign advisor of the prince to be behind this.

The party effectively came together during this crisis, and worked together to make it out of the city alive.
They made their way south to the garison city of Wati. This is a garison of the risen guard which is hidden from view by magic.

When they reached this city they eventually found out the governor had been eliminated and replaced, but they failed to capture the imposter.

They decided tostart a new rebellion to reinstate the ruling family.
Also they found out an army had been sent south to Ahn, a city close to the funerary temple and tomb of one of the old kings of legend.
So they tried to get there first.

They had some trouble with strange traps in this place, and witnissed as the evil advisor raised the king as some undead creature. later they saw an undead army marching north.

The priests of Ahn want them to take a test to prove themselves.

Chapter 1

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